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What if my clients don’t like my work? What should I do? Photography business 101

Let's talk about this right here- “ what if my Photography clients don’t like my work?”

This is a real question.

I got texted this week from an old, client way way way back when who's also a photographer and she asked me. “Hey, like what do I do in this situation?”

“You know, I don't like any of the photos from the photographer that I hired. What do I do?”

“What should I do?”

“And what should the photographer do?”

so let me kind of share a very general story that happened real real thing that happened to me a couple years ago.

So I was hired to, shoot a wedding. I thought the photos were absolutely phenomenal

of course.

I'm biased.

like I thought they could be in a magazine but the bride did not like them -

and she asked me to take them off my website. She said hey, “can I get a discount?”

I already gave her a full digital print release.

I already gave her a significant discount in the wedding. -because I'm willing to work with people and if they're, say  “ you're out of my budget. What can we do?”

It’s important for me to be there-even if you're not finding an affordable photographer.

So I had already given her a significant discount at at this juncture.

She already saw the images. I already gave her all the digitals.

I already gave her another percentage off because she didn't like my work

It’s  “water under the bridge.”

I was willing to bend over backwards for her.

I still wanted to work with her.

It's not worth me taking clients to the mat from me to be right and “how dare you” - I’m Not going to be that way.

That's not good business to me

Good business says, “what what can I do to make it right?”

“What can I do to make sure you are taken care of on  your special day?”

I want to make sure that I am having good customer service habits-

So yes, I did take a loss in the in the big, “picture” of things.

Yes. I took a financial loss for this but she didn't bash me on social media.

I wanted to keep my reputation.

I wanted to work with people and it is important for me to have that customer service mindset.

if you're in a situation like this-what do you do?

This is a very sticky situation for me as a business owner.

I'd rather take a loss and a financial loss if need be to make sure that clients are taking care of

if that means I have to give a discount go back and re-edit, go back and fix, work 1-on-1.. to feel good-  to me - this is a sign of a good business owner.

A bad business owner is not willing to bend - not willing to go back- is very harsh and is not willing to work with you- has attitude -doesn't answer your emails -shuts down their website…

(These are real situations that I've seen recently,)

Maybe, they  ghost you or bashes you on social media.

I don't want to be that way.

I feel like a good solid business owner is going to have good business practices.

So I would love to hear other stories that you've had in your life.

If this is happening to you, what are you doing this situation?

comment below and as always stay creative guys.

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