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Two things that will sustain your business for over a decade

Let me share a lesson with you after 12 years of being in business.

You need two things two things to keep you going.

You need your creativity.

However, you need grit -

grit is the ability to push through and persevere through hard times you need both.

If you only have grit then you have a work ethic but you will get burned out because you will then push through and push everybody away to get it done up creativity.

You are now burned out you are now completely- Empty

creativity is your “why”

Why you started your business-

it is what gets you going in the morning?

It's the connection you have with your clients.

only have creativity? Then unfortunately won't push through hard times you'll be easily be able to give up

and now we have all these creatives that don't know how to run a successful business and they're giving away all their products for free because they're an artist and their creative but they don't know how to run a business

so and but with only grit now you're heartless and you push everybody through nobody wants to work with you because now get out Get up get up. And now you have no soul.

Okay, we don't want that. So you need to have creativity and grit-  you're constantly dancing- sometimes you have a great ideaa And this is awesome.

And then sometimes you need to be work and push and up early and up at five and getting the work done.

But then you have to swing back to the creativity corner to keep your brain-Keep your ideas flowing keep your “why” fresh and alive -alert and keep that spark

and but without the grit you won't have the strength the tenacity and the stamina to withstand a decade of business-


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