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This $20 watch can reduce your kids desire for screen time- homeschool tips

A parenting Question I got this week from a grandma at the grocery store:  “hey, how can I reduce screen time with my kids?- I really want to make sure they're active and Out playing and doing some fun stuff”

  Get them a pedometer watch on Amazon, $15 $20, don't go Fitbit. That's way too expensive. (See our favorite watch here:

Get a battery-operated pedometer watch.

My kids know they don’t earn screen time until their watch says 10,000 steps.

And so my kids are motivated to get their chores and get their walk time in.

And guess what? Around three or four. It's been ten thousand steps and then they can relax and have screen time.

Pediatricians recommend that kids get about 60 minutes of running around time, heart rate time per day. (See this article from the CDC:,%2C%20but%20don't%20worry!)

So this is a guaranteed habit that they can start forming in a healthy and fun way to keep track of their steps.

They have a contest, who can get the most steps in.

“I have 5,000..” “Well, I have 7,000.”  They are out competing each other to get these steps. But they're not going to earn screen time until they get their step count.

If you have other awesome parenting ideas to help, keep your kids active and form, good habits and cool ways. I would love to hear you below.

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