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Think 3 months ahead -small business marketing tips

🌿✅✅Pro tip of the Week business owners.

Think three months ahead of time.

🌿🌿You are going into a Christmas season. Start three months, ahead marketing toward a Christmas season.

Now for business owners, Christmas season starts probably September, October.

When people start to save up, especially if you don't do your own photos.

✅🌿If you don't do on content, if you need a hire artist to do photo and video and social media and graphics, and website launches and all the ad placements, you really need to think ahead.

✅🌿be the first Trend Setter of the season for people to see you first, remember, seven times in seven different ways for them to see you for them to be like, “oh my God, I just need to buy this product. I'm so sick of seeing ads for them.”

“So I’m seeing marketing for it and seeing all sorts of things. Like I'm just need to buy this ?”

So Pro tip right there.

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