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Stuck inside and need fresh content ideas? 30 days of social media content

Day one:

Do a giveaway

Day two:

your vision, your failures- your successes- anything personal

Day three:

How you started the business.

Day four:

How to video

Day five:

repost some fans content!

Day 6:

post your last product or work.

Day 7:

Behind the scenes photo or video on stories or on your feed.

Day 8

Inspirational quotes

Day 9

Video testimony from a client

Day 10

make up a fun random holiday

Day 11

Fun fact

Day 12

Post about the latest news or announcement.

Day 13


Day 14


Day 15


Day 16

Ask a fill in the __________ question like:

Day 17

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Day 18

Talk about your favorite client memory or story.

Day 19

Video tutorial

Day 20

Blog or ebook creation

Day 21

Limited time offer

Day 22

Client photo or video

Day 23

Photo contest

Day 24

Article of interest

Day 25

Charitable work

Day 26

Funny behind the scenes photo or video

Day 27

Inspirational quote

Day 28

fan contest

Day 29

Picture of your product or service

Day 30

your goals as an entrepreneur

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