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Stop delivering boring galleries

Want to deliver more beautiful galleries?

If you’re already paying for a company like, you’ll know that you have the ability to send an email directly to the client for them to view the gallery.

However, with such an expensive service, they have no options for a beautiful branded email which includes pictures from the session or video clips!

I love telling people about this free app with my subscription to Adobe products:

I can pull this app up on my phone for on-the go-delivery or I can put it on my desktop and have all my images and photos right there.

On the beautiful email that you can create with the simple drag-and-drop program, you can include your print release, ways to tag you on social media, more services you provide, and a lot of other great information so that clients won’t be texting you day and night.

Plus they can send the link to all her friends and family so they can see your beautiful gallery and see about what you do and where to find you online with just a click!

Yes you can do something like this in mail chimp ( wix ( or milkshake but if you already are familiar with Adobe products and already are paying for some of their other services like Photoshop or Lightroom, then this will be an easy transition.

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