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My video went viral on Instagram reels and here's what happened and how we did it.

Guys, one of my social media clients because for those who don't know, I actually manage people social media. 

I do graphics for them and custom animations and I post on their Tik-Tok, Facebook YouTube every day. 

And so one of my clients I was at Home Depot. We were just walking around and I was just doing some content as they were working in their shopping And so this silly video went and almost 90,000 views and it's still going, like, I still get notifications

And first of all, let's break down what my formula.

 As I use a bunch of hashtags, I tagged the actual company. We're at Lowe's, I did hashtag loads. I did “Home Depot”, “contractor” “Builder” hashtags that I could find.  And I found those on, a lot of those. It's a website that I use. 

I also had captions, I did a voiceover on there and I did something that was like short like under 20 seconds, 30 It's to make it short impactful and it was something that was funny and that people can relate to. 

We got a lot of comments. Like “I like the name” “It's funny” and blah blah blah. 

And then some people are like “oh well, this is dumb,” whatever but jokes on those trolls, the more that they interact, no matter if it's negative or not like our views will go up.

 If people shared it, our views will go up. 

If people tag people be like, check this out, as is funny, it's funny. 

Our views will go up.

So hint for you guys make Saying that shareable likable, relatable, and the more people interact and share with it, even though it's dumb. 

People are going to boost your views, okay? 

Let's break down. Like what actually happened as a business my clients business after that, honestly.

Nothing like it was just, it was cool. It's funny. Like we had a lot of use in our page. We got some more likes and I went, and I followed all those people that liked, we had over 1,000 likes on this video. So I every day like you know, follow 20 of them and then unfollowed,, other people. 

So our overall follower count went up. 

However, this video was shared globally so especially with my use of hashtags, it was just very generic Like “Home Improvement” “home renovation”, you know, that kind of thing. 

It had more of a global reach and so therefore like was our phone ringing off the hook was his phone ringing off the hook because of this viral video?

No!  Honestly like it was cool, it was fun but it just stayed on the Instagram reels platform in the Facebook reels platform- 

So our clients that are seeing as every single day you know that are seeing him in the work place, the worksite recommending them to their friends and family recommending them to realtors. 

That kind of thing. Did it really affect that kind of, you know, Market group. So if your goal is to have a viral video that's going to like build your business, just be aware of that.

It will boost your view count. A lot of people on your page, but if your service provider working in your area and you're not able to like fly to England and whatever and you can't really ship internationally, it doesn't really affect you as much.

it's cool. It's fun. 

And there's definitely like a small formula to that having shareable content, having captions 80 to 90% of videos are, are viewed silent. 

So, having captions, Having something people can relate to having something. Teachable something educational, something funny. 

Having a trending song underneath it is definitely going to help a lot. 

And so, those are just some breakdown of just the thought process behind going viral a lot of times. 

It's accidental. Like I shared another funny video literally after that and I got like 50 views. 

I used the same formula that I just told you. 

So honestly, it's all about if Instagram and Facebook like You and you're getting a lot of interaction, they're just going to boost your content. 

There's sometimes the formula works and sometimes it really doesn't so there's like really no way of knowing if it's going to work 100% of the time. 

So if you stumble upon people that are like “follow my reels, Instagram formula that's gonna blow up guys,” it  doesn't always work because like I said, some videos have no trending sound, am no caption them. No voiceover. And we get a lot of views and lot of interaction from it and then we actually get real Clients from it, that's going to help our business.

 Then sometimes I do the whole formula, do it and I  get nothing and so I reshare I reposted, I repackage it. 

But like the important thing stay consistent show up daily. You know, set alarms to grow your business set alarms to you know make it a priority to market for yourself. 

Make it a priority to get the word out posting daily and having fresh content is so important because people, Need to see your face all the time, okay? 

Those are my Pro tips. 

Love you guys. Have an awesome day.

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