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Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app

Instagram just announced this week that it is no longer pushing photo and stills only content on their platform- their algorithm were now I’ll be only tracking their video content sections.

-✅reels- One of their most popular software‘s- funny dances, how to tricks and tips and behind the scenes videos are still going to be Popular for entertainment and informational purposes

✅IGTV- meant for longer videos up to 10 minutes- longer continent for selling, informing and of course entertainment. -A mini YouTube channel on the platform.

✅ live broadcasts- interact with your following in real time and answer questions and interview guests

✅stories- reels can also be shared a stories- but these 15 second video disappears so that your audience can just have a taste about your day and what you’re up to. They can also be saved for later in the highlight folder so that your following can click and see what you’re about with a touch of a button.

❤️❤️If you haven’t started figuring out how to make video content as a photographer to grow your page- this is your sign!

Creative video ideas:

👉🏼 BTS of you working

👉🏼editing how-tos

👏🏽 tips and tricks

👏🏽 client slideshows

👏🏽 why you started

🙌🏼 client shoutouts

👏🏽👏🏽 packing your gear

💃 being silly

My favorite apps for video creation:

♥️ video leap


💙 GoPro Quik


💗 go daddy studio/over

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