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FREE contract and deposit resources for your photo biz

If you have ever had the following happened to you:

✅Missed appointments.

✅ late clients

✅ clients wanting extra edits and extra retouching.

✅ client unsure of turnaround time and proper address expected and how many outfit changes are required.

✅ clients wanting you to shoot an hour away from your home and not paying for gas.

💪💪🗓Then you need EVERYTHING that you will provide as a services in writing!

🗓 your clients should respect your service as much as a respect the dentist or the doctor. They wouldn’t dare show up late to a doctor’s appointment because they know a fee will be charged.

👏👏Your communication level should be the same as another professional service.

❤️❤️deposits should be taken! (You have expenses to buy for the shoot too!)

📣📣 here is a link to my favorite free online contracts and form booking system

👏👏Not only do they have over 200+ templates that you can copy and paste to use for your own contracts, but you can take deposits and booking info right from the site so there’s no confusion and no questions!

✅✅Now you look professional and everybody can sign even on their phone on-the-go!

You can copy and paste any wording you need directly from this form and see how I do it

You can find my form "Photoshoot Wording" at:

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