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for me, having a work life balance is a myth with Homeschooling and owning businesses

I think for me having that work-life balance is a myth.

I'd rather have a work-life integration where my kids see me shopping -

my kids see me posting -

my kids see me shooting (photos and video) my kids see me building -

my kids see me calling clients

“I got to go to Michael's- I got to pick up stuff, hop in the car let's go talk.

“Let's do some of the math in the car on the way.”

“You’re  gonna join on the journey with me -hop in the car. Let's go.”

So having that mentality of “how can I integrate my kids with what What I'm currently doing, has been a great teacher in life and for my own, mental stage as well,”

Work-life balance-I just don't feel like that works for every single person.

For me, I had to integrate at least a little bit-have a little bit of overlap because there's no way that I can just tune out all the kids and be on my phone all day.

And then, there's no way I can have only the kids and not get stuff done.

So I integrate all of our passions and everything together.


Christal Marshall has a Masters in Education but decided to quit her teaching job to be a full time homeschooler and self-taught creative business owner for the last 12 years

She is a child wrangler, a girl boss, a media creator, a business mentor,  a professional domestic engineer and Captain of the Hot Mess Express

She coaches and teaches about small business media, shoots photos and video, sets up creative events, co-owns a 6-figure contracting business with her hubby of 15 years and builds adventure mobiles out of her home studio in Chesapeake, VA all while raising three amazing but crazy children.

Follow her creative business and side hustles here:

👏Virginia Marketing and Media- graphics, photo, video, small business marketing solutions.


📣 Virginia Beach Photobooth Company - @virginiabeachphotoboothcompany

💪homeschooling and parenting tips:


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