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Are you a business owner that struggles with workaholism?

Being a business owner - it is very easy to become a workaholic

and to have your identity in your success-In the likes, in the follows and the shares and the money in your bank account.

If you're a business, owner, comment below.

But something I kind of wanted to touch on was how workaholism to me is as destructive of a mentality as any other “lism” or you know, addiction problem.

It is difficult because when you are a self-employed self-made business owner-it's so easy to whip out the phone, check messages check out and to literally ignore your family.

The mentality is there. And the struggle is real to balance work and life.

If you are a business owner, you know, exactly what I'm talking about.

I wonder if this is just me.

These are just unfiltered thoughts- Is there anyone else that ONE:  struggles with being a workaholic as a self-employed business owner?

And TWO: how do you combat that?

How do you feel like you need to have a different mentality?

Do you feel like is there a “sobriety?”

You know of people that get off of substances or alcohol- and they say “nine years” sober or something and that's wonderful and something to celebrate.

I wonder if there's also an equivalent to that with workaholism.

How do we balance that?

Obviously you can't just quit being self-employed -or can you?

You can't quit being a business owner because that's how you make your bread. That's how you make your money.

So this is just some unfiltered thoughts about having a business- having a mentality- balancing work and life.

Balancing wanting to check your phone.  Balancing social media likes and follows and shares and how your identity can be literally tied to those things.

Obviously we need to make sure that we don't have our identity tied to those things.

But how do we balance that with our family and our jobs?

if anybody else could also comment below other things to help and that situation.

If you're in that situation, if you're self-employed business owner I would love to chat with you guys and see if this is also a common thing?

How do you guys come at it?

What are some tips and tricks to help you guys?



Self employed-business owners- do you feel like the struggle is real to be a workaholic?

How do you combat workaholism?

Comment below!

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